Dear Customer,

Please do not purchase this product at the TemplateMonster marketplace.
We have no longer control over it and we will not be able to support new customers.

TemplateMonster unilaterally and without warning deleted our account referring to the recently added clauses in the agreement.

However, our product is still available for purchase on the marketplace for some reason, even though we have no access to it anymore.

TemplateMonster has also debited all of our funds held in the account.

Due to the fact that we have no longer access to the account, we are unable to maintain existing customer support tickets since these tickets were created at the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Regardless of the situation, we are aware of our responsibility to the customers and will continue to support them in accordance with the agreement that was in effect at the time of purchase of the product.

Since we can no longer provide support through TemplateMonster marketplace, we suggest our customers to contact us for support directly via the contact form on our website.

In the near future we hope to start selling our products on our own website. Feel free to check our website for the latest news sometimes.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kind regards