as you may have noticed, Challengers theme is not present on the TemplateMonster marketplace anymore. In this post we want tell you a bit more about it.

Brief Info

In 2019 we started our cooperation with TemplateMonster marketplace. We have uploaded our Challengers theme there and it quickly became a high-rated bestseller in the sports category. Until the recent time, our overall experience with the marketplace was quite good, we were developing our cooperation every year and became a certified partner.

Unfortunately, all this is now gone. TemplateMonster unilaterally and without warning disabled our account although we didn’t violate any rules or agreements. According to the marketplace staff, all our funds held in the account are frozen as well as the theme.

About the Sales of the Theme

Challengers theme has been available for purchase only on the TemplateMonster according to the exclusivity agreement with the marketplace i.e. it can’t be bought elsewhere at the moment. Now we are forced to find another way of distributing our theme. Until then, we temporary freeze the sales of the theme. All ways of our cooperation with the TemplateMonster seem to be over as well.

Our account was disabled and we can no longer maintain existing and new support tickets. Regardless of the situation, we are aware of our responsibility to the customers and will continue to support them in accordance with the agreement that was in effect at the time of purchase of the product.

Since we can no longer provide support through the marketplace, we suggest our customers to contact us for support directly via the contact form on our website.


As we have already said, we have to find another place to sell our products and it seems that we have already found a way to sell our products on our website and we’re implementing it at this moment. The theme should be available for purchase very soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for being with us!